Before you buy jewellery consider factors like purity, carat and cut -

Before you buy jewellery consider factors like purity, carat and cut

Silver is quite soft in its natural state, thus to give it strength, copper, zinc, or nickel are frequently added. Silver is made tougher by copper, but because of its propensity to tarnish, when it is frequently exposed to air, water, or other factors, the jewellery darkens. Since 2003, some jewellers have started fusing platinum, which is more durable and tarnish-resistant but also raises the cost of the piece.

The finest silver contains 92.5% precious metal and is marketed as sterling silver. Therefore, it would be branded with ".925" or "925." Silver coins contain 90% silver. Avoid purchasing jewellery with a purity level lower than this.

Grams or ounces are used to measure the metal. 

Depending on how intricate the design is, the making fees range from 10% to 100% of the value of the jewellery.

Value as a resale: According to jewellers, silver jewellery and goods are the subject of the majority of fraud cases. Therefore, you should only purchase goods from reputable jewellers that have solid repurchase policies. Silver is resold based on weight, thus since the swapped metal is typically melted to be used again, you will not get the manufacturing fees. This rule is only an exemption if you wear jewellery made of old silver.

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