In India - marriages, births, housewarming, festivals, promotions, and special moments of extraordinary love are all celebrated with Pure Silver.

PureSilver.io was started to offer highest purity Indian Silverware and to personalize your life's most significant moments with custom Indian Silver Article designs.

From millions of pooja ceremonies that happen everyday, to finding silver return gifts for your esteemed guests and sharing meals in sterling silver dinner sets, there’s no question that pure silver articles is an important part of our culture.

As India's leading 925 silver articles manufacturer, we create awareness about silver purity in sterling silverware and we manufacture 100% pure silver articles hallmarked by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) - highest purity assurance authority in India!

celebrity indian weddings silver dinner sets by preshious puresilverio navrang silver works

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PRESHIOUS is a brand name registered and owned by PureSilver.io Bangalore LLC.