Does pure silver turn black ? -

Does pure silver turn black ?

Pure silver does not turn black, but it can tarnish and turn a dark gray or black color when exposed to air and light. This is because silver reacts with hydrogen sulfide in the air to form a black layer of silver sulfide on the surface of the metal. This process is called tarnishing, and it can be prevented by keeping silver in a well-sealed container or by coating it with a layer of protective finish.

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Pure silver does not typically turn black, but it can tarnish when it comes into contact with certain gases in the air or when it is exposed to chemicals. This process, called tarnishing, can cause silver to take on a black, gray, or yellowish color. Tarnishing is a natural process that happens to all silver over time, but it can be prevented or slowed down with proper care and storage. Some people even prefer the patina that tarnishing creates on silver, as it can give the metal a unique and antique appearance.

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