How to check pure silver? -

How to check pure silver?

One way to check the purity of silver is to look for a hallmark or stamp on the item. This may include a number followed by the letter "S," which indicates the percentage of silver in the item. For example, an item marked "925S" is 92.5% pure silver. Other common hallmarks for pure silver include "999S" or "1000S," which indicates 99.9% or 100% purity, respectively.

Another way to check the purity of silver is to use a silver acid test kit. This kit typically includes a small bottle of testing acid, a testing stone, and a set of test needles. To use the kit, you will need to carefully scratch the item you want to test onto the testing stone, using one of the test needles. Then, apply a drop of the testing acid onto the scratched area and observe the reaction. If the silver is pure, the acid will not react and the scratched area will remain unchanged. If the silver is not pure, the acid will react and the scratched area will change color.

It is important to note that both of these methods for testing the purity of silver can be unreliable, especially if the item you are testing is small or has been plated with another metal. If you are unsure about the purity of silver you are considering purchasing, it is best to consult a professional appraiser or jeweler.

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