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Where to Buy Silver Gift Articles for Marriage or Housewarming at Wholesale Price

Over the past few months, I have been extensively travelling in Bangalore and Chennai to find the best wholesale shops for silver gift items. I will share 3 best places to shop silver articles in each city with new silver collections at wholesale prices. Read on...

It is ever trending for jewelers to say “No wastage and No making charges” on silver items. Who doesn’t love this deal, especially during wedding or festive season?

In Bangalore, you can visit in and around Avenue Road, Chickpete and Nagarathpete. There are hundreds of small wholesale silver shops who will also be willing to attend to retail customers. Try your luck! Its best not to travel in your own vehicle as it's a super busy market area and you won't find a safe parking place.

Apart from shopping for silver articles, this precious metal market in Karnataka is also well known for pure veg street food, silk sarees and ancient temples. Its roots go back to the 16th century!

If you want to browse wholesale silver shops collection in Bangalore from the comfort of your desk, check out the videos below.

Navrang Silver Works - #124, Raja Silk House Building, Next to Lakshmi Natraj Refreshments, Nagarathpet Main Road Cross, Bangalore - 560002

(40 metres away from Raja Market)

Maruthi Jewellers - 9th Cross, Near Jai Muni Rao Circle Agrahara Dasarahalli Bangalore - 560079

Silver empire annex #38, Ranganatha Tower, C.T. Street, Bangalore - 560002

Other notable places to shop silver items in Bangalore are Sunrise Jewellers (unique silver collection - liked the silver tennis racket and cricket set made in silver) Lalithaa Jewellers (Chennai silver collection) and Silver Emporium (Antique silver collection). 

Did you know, Chickpete is home to the second largest Marwadi community in South India after Sowcarpet in Chennai? Talking about Sowcarpet, I visited this place last week. Lots of jewellery shops, temples, wholesale clothes and street food... The vibes in this side of Chennai felt like Bangalore city market area with more silver item collection focus on silver articles for weddings and pooja. 

In Chennai, I enjoyed my shopping experience at Sri Venkateswara Jewellers. Though it is a wholesale shop, Mr. Vishnu paid equal attention to retail customers as well. Its a corner building on N.S.C Bose Road and you cannot miss it if you are walking this stretch.

Sri Venkateswara Jewellers - 82, NSC Bose Rd, Badri Garden, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600079

Apart from shopping silver items at the classic Saravana Stores, GRT Jewellers or Kalyan Jewellers, below are some interesting wholesale silver article shops in Chennai.

Mahitha Silver 121, NSC Bose Road, Sowcarpet Chennai - 600 001, Tamil Nadu

B.N. MARLECHA SILVER - 10/24 A, Vijay Complex, 2nd Floor, Veerappan Street, Sowcarpet, Chennai - 79

Varalaxmi Silver Shopee ( VSS ) Tarus Tower, 116/244, NSC Bose Road, Sowcarpet, Chennai - 600 079

Bonus - Mumbai Silver Shopping

Guess the place to shop silver articles in Mumbai? It has narrow lanes with hundreds of jewellery shops and is a major hub for B2B and B2C jewellery industry. 65% of all gold trading in India is estimated to happen from this market. Its none other than the most famous Zaveri Bazaar!

In Zaveri Bazaar - I visited Nitesh Jewellers on Bappa’s Visarjan day as all the other jewellery shops were closed. Met the owner - Mr. Nitesh who showed me the cutest kalash, new born baby gift set and tiny diyas. The store was open only for some cleaning silver work and not for sale that day. The tagline of Nitesh Jewellers is House of Silver Gift Articles! Loved their petite Indian silverware collection and 999 fine silver dinner set classic collection!

Nitesh Jewellers - 138, Perin Nariman St, Borabazar Precinct, Zaveri Bazaar, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002

My observation is that there are more silver wholesale shops selling silver jewellery than silver articles in and around Crawford market and Zaveri Bazaar. If you are a localite in Mumbai, share your opinion below.

And now - my three tips to visit these areas for shopping

1. Call before you visit: I learnt that jewellers were offering limited time deals only during festive season and those deals are not live all the time.

2. Ask for purity of silver: If you are a silver buyer, you are aware of 80% or 90% purity, however my personal recommendation is to buy 925 BIS-Hallmarked sterling silver due to higher purity content and resale value.

I only buy silver dinner sets and pooja thali set for home that is 925 BIS-Hallmarked. You wont get "No wastage No making charge" deals on this sterling silver collection from any jeweller due to additional charges associated with making this gold standard silverware.

3. Do your own research before doing any business. This blog post is only for information purposes and not responsible for any type of profit or loss. 

Share this post with your friends and family if you found it helpful. You can also mention what you would like me to write next in the comments section below.

Festive Wishes and Happy Silver Shopping!

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